Back again – third time’s a charm, perhaps…

Finally, I got another website. After and I have settled for just my name “handle”, a login word I have been using for email for nearing twenty years now. After the identity crisis was over, and I realized that I could spend another few years trying to settle down for appropriate name for new place of online presence, that all dropped off and this is what’s manifesting, so I’m along for the ride!

These first few posts will not be too meaningful so feel free to skip them. They just help me have some content that I can play with as I learn all the new tools now available for building websites. My first page I built in notepad, then there was Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash, and I learned how to use all of those. Then came WordPress, and I have labored to build my own theme, editing painstakingly CSS. I even at one point had installed Apache server on my computer to be able to test and integrate pages built in Dreamweaver into WordPress.

But not anymore! Now it’s like Dreamweaver is inside of WordPress and it’s taking the form of Elementor, a plugin that allows editing of posts and pages with drag-and-drop-ability of elements, their customization, alignment and pretty much all else that can be thought of. If I had to do all that by hand anymore, I would not be up to it, but since I don’t really have to invest much time into learning the tech, it’s pretty straight forward and allows me to focus on content instead. This will suffice for the first post, and it ends here.

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