What’s the point?

What’s the point? This must be one of the most daunting questions anyone can ask themselves in regard to anything. A design feature, universal law, or will of God, however you want to call it, made sure that this horrible question usually doesn’t get much consideration, as it disengages the usual chatter in our heads and requires mind to focus on this issue and construct an answer of some kind. It’s usually given that we have a purpose and that we’re striving towards a goal.

If this question becomes prominent, then it may decrease motivation to reach a goal. Huh? Isn’t goal the point? We may be onto something here… Let’s see. If I keep asking myself what’s the point of posting this, then I have to put myself in hypothetical state where I assume that this information may in the future help somebody to connect some dots, make life a little easier or pleasant and so on. Sounds like a good goal to strive for. Why not? Well, because I have no idea if it’s doable (here comes a doubt), since in the cocophony of information on the internet, lots of the content posted each day by many doesn’t get viewed, in fact I’m sure I’m not the only one that has turned all the notifications off. In other words, whenever we think we have the answer to What’s the point? question, there seems to be a counter-argument that disqualifies the validity of first assesment, or at least diminishes its allure. And it’s not just that our reasoning can’t come up with something very plausible and convincing, but it seems like we can’t quite forget the emptiness that can result after the pleasure of success wears off, and to fill it up we go after another goal.

Yet, there’s another answer to this question of purpose, and it’s in the enjoyment of doing. I have written quite a bit in my life, most of it never published anywhere, so clearly I like writing and require no recognition or acceptance by audience. And while I’m writing, if I am able to stop considering the consequences of this writing (how it would be received, if at all, by others: criticized, disected and evaluated, carelessly glanced over, misunderstood or liked and appreciated), then I can just let it flow and enjoy the process. However, as soon as this consideration about the future, purpose and consequence comes in, then it becomes a sort of silent negotiation of various thoughts going on in the background and disrupting the flow: mind is trying to integrate the reasoning and consideration into content creation, adjusting it to produce chosen effect, rather than allowing it to come out as it comes out of itself. On the other hand, this adjustment is happening of its own accord, and it may be attributed to the business model of content creation: there’s target audience to whom the content caters to so that it receives approval as well as financial gains in commercial application. Importance of the idea of target audience was part of art school education, and witnessed in corporate environment of game development. I am trained to consider audience and try to figure out what they would like to see instead of posting because I like expressing myself. This has been the most stubborn block to remove and the reason why it has been hard to get this blog going. It has been a hell of a journey to break out of many of those habits that have been programmed over the years, and is still ongoing. I imagine it is even harder for many to speak their mind and express themselves in environments where political correctness is practiced or even mandated, which is increasingly happening in corporate settings.

If we can’t freely express ourselves, what’s the point of living? In NWO distopian totalitarian system that ‘they’ have planned for ‘us’, it’s bound to get much worse than political correctness. Someone said that the only valid philosophical question is “suicide or not?” – in other words, what’s the point of life? Isn’t it wise to ask ourselves what are we here for any-damn-way? Should we use our energy to make our controllers ever more wealthy and powerful while they are lying, poisoning and stealing from us? Making us scared of the air we breathe and afraid of each other believing we’ll catch some made-up invisible but deadly virus-terrorist? We know we’re closer to death each passing minute, and if we look to future where totalitarian world government will eliminate all our freedoms, then seriously, what’s the point?

The point is, in my humble opinion, to overcome fear and live free, regardless of preconceived consequences, for the consequences seem to be more dire if we disregard our gut feeling and intuition. It means to simply be in the everprenent Now. That means following our heart and not the orders of so called authorities and officials. That means doing what we enjoy and feel good about, and not doing what we were programmed to think we are supposed to do. Programming runs very deep, but once the process of deprogramming is initiated, it keeps going, as long as there’s mindfulness and avoidance of any kind of belief trap.

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