Fun Guy 3D Print

Fun Guy 3D print

Made sometime in 2011, this model printed out pretty well in three pieces: body, head and cap. Even though it could be printed in one piece, the reason for splitting it up is to save on time and material needed to print the supports, which are necessary since printer can’t print in mid air. To that end, I also had an option of printing it upside down, but I opted for the split so I could get comfortable with that approach and use it with more complex models.

This model didn’t require much preparation for the print since it is fairly simple: the arms and legs are fused with the body, there is a good place for the seam between body and head, and the cap was a separate model which I then subtracted out of the head mesh with live booleans to get perfectly fitting printed pieces. Cura slicer has auto-generated supports, and those were plentiful under the cap, there were some around the face, and hardly any supports were needed for the body. Image below shows the removal of supports with cute dyke cutters that came with the printer.

support clean up

Finally, here’s the model in zBrush as originally built and painted. For the purpose of printing, I added a cylindrical platform and added a few more details on the robe, and sculpted hair in the back of the head.

Fun Guy in zBrush

To print this fun guy, head over to Thingiverse and grab the files. See the notes for tips on printing and assembling.

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