The More I See, The Less I Know…

Here’s a song I fondly remember from my teenage years. Even back in ’93 it felt somehow true and deep, although, being 14 at the time when I used to hear it on the radio, I lacked the background in philosophy and metaphysics to be able to make sense of it on intellectual level. I knew enough English to know the literal meaning. The resonance with the song happened on the feeling level, not on data crunching intellectual level.

Few days ago I listened to some mixes and ran into a different The The song, which brought up the memory of the Slow Emotion Replay and when I found it and heard it again after so many years, it brought about an instant flashback to the ’90s – that carefree feeling of excitement about life accompanied by visual memories. And then the meaning behind the words hit me: yes, I get it now, and it sounds about right! We spend whole life paying attention to the thinking process, which is reactive and uses previously assimilated information as a basis for its model of reality, and it tells us what we’re seeing and what it means. This way we stop seeing and fall into the knowing, as we assume the thoughts produced by thinking process are correct interpretation of reality and the only thing that allows us to navigate through life. But once we begin to see, we begin to realize that we know less and less, that what we thought we know doesn’t quite correspond with what we are seeing. The explanation (understanding, mental picture, worldview, paradigm) falls apart and life becomes a mystery once again… even for just a moment.

I wouldn’t like to turn this post into theoretical speculative contemplation, so I’ll use plenty of relevant examples to illustrate these points. For instance, we are thought from a young age that we live on a spinning ball, but if we look around, we can’t see any curvature, even when we’re high up in the air during flight. Neither can we detect any movement, even though we “know” that Earth spins at 1000mph at the equator. We see that water always finds its level which is perfectly flat and horizontal, but we know that all the oceans, lakes and rivers curve around the globe. Wee see that the Sun and the Moon are about the same size, but we know that Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon. And how do we know this? Well, we’ve been told by authority figures, such as teachers, writers, scientists, or various publications such as documentary films, encyclopedias, scientific journals, radio or TV. We wouldn’t give them our attention and trust if we didn’t think of them as authoritative sources (they know better than me). We got the same story from them all, and we learned to trust them, because questioning was never awarded or even encouraged in all those years of growing up, schooling or employment. In our schooling we memorized all this data, but never learned to check for its veracity, or ask a very simple question: “Is it true?”

And these days we may feel and look in great health, but if PCR tells us we’re positive for covid, then of course we would “know” that we are “asymptomatic carrier”, in other words a spreader of disease, and could kill grandma! We may see nothing unusual in our environment, but if we are to know what’s going on in the world told by others who we assume would know better, then of course we too would know that there’s a “deadly virus” out there, killing millions, despite our experience of the contrary. We feel unwell wearing a mask, but we know that it protects our health and health of others, not to even mention jabs in same context. Well, one could call all this a case of cognitive dissonance, however what is described here is ignorance. It means that all other data inputs are ignored in favor of our mental picture of the world, created by thinking process using previously assimilated information, including information taken for granted from the media’s fear mongering campaigns. For cognitive dissonance to occur, what is seen has to be acknowledged as valid first, otherwise thinking process will not touch it or take into consideration and no dissonance will result. Most of the time what is obvious is not noticed until pointed out. That’s the whole idea behind non-duality pointers, and they have nothing to do with intellectual understanding either. However, it seems like the picture of reality, thinking process itself, and all of the beliefs and assumptions need to come under scrutiny before they will disappear from thinking process. While still held as valid, these assumptions will continue to blind us to what is seen, because seeing will be (mis)interpreted by thinking process and attention will be attracted to thoughts as reality, instead of seeing and feeling reality for what it truly is.

That’s why you gotta work out your own salvation – with no explanation. Explanation is just more of the thinking process doing its thing with the same caveat that we built into computer software, summarized perfectly by the phrase Garbage in – garbage out. If our assumptions are false, our conclusion will likewise be false. Our salvation really is the abandoning of beliefs, and relying on our innate intelligence and wisdom to do the right thing moment by moment, instead of relying on our intellect to compute that for us. The way that could be accomplished is with attention wide open to what is here and now, instead of focused on thinking about it. Thoughts are what is creating the matrix. Attention (direction) + Emotion (energy) + concept (idea) – > manifest physical reality. Could not be simpler, yet it often is the hardest thing to do – to look away from constant stream of thought that are influenced by all the little fears and worries that resulted from childhood traumas during which our fictional self image sustained something that thinking process assumed was an assault. Those unresolved traumas and unfelt emotions keep manifesting again and again in different situations as they’re previously brought about by the same thoughts, making us act in predictable ways (easy to control with emotional trauma like virus scare) and hence we’re like slow emotion reply of our past self, getting triggered by same things over and over again.

While meditation suppresses thoughts for the time being, in my experience the thoughts need to be seen for what they are before they will subside on their own, which can also be done in meditation but doesn’t have to be. It’s really hard for thinking process to accept it’s shortcomings, so it keeps hiding them from itself. Or to make this whole 3D experience more fun for itself. Who knows? It comes down to ego death if the process is initiated, and outgrowing of that state of consciousness that is immersed in ego trip movie where it all revolves around self image (I should be like this or like that kind of thoughts) and our globalist sponsored culture certainly pushes us to get locked into identifying as supporters of ideology that they promote, instead of us using that energy we get each day to do something with for something productive, creative and pleasurable that is in line with our natural and unique inclinations, interests, abilities and sensibilities.

But instead, we humans just know what’s wrong with the world, and so we submit to the will of others, because if we know, then they know even better: we call them experts, scientists, authorities, news anchors and such, and believe they know something that we don’t, that they know more about our health than we do, and they should be trusted more than we can trust ourselves and intelligence of our bodies and nature in general. In other words, power over us is freely given thanks to belief in authority. But once we realize we don’t really know anything for sure, then it’s clear as day that the authorities don’t know shit either, and it’s not our health that they care about – on the contrary. Maybe that describes a bit awkward way of waking up, but it makes sense: destroying the foundation will make whole system of matrix (false reality) collapse. The foundation is created from unchallenged assumptions that make up worldview, make us think we know something and prevents us from seeing what is right in front of our eyes.

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