Power to Change the Course

There has been a lot said about our human predicament, and how we’ve found ourselves in this situation. There is even more to be said about what is happening in the world today, and where we are heading. Sadly, I’ve noticed that many so called alternative, or dissident outlets do nothing more than showcase commentary on mainstream news articles, as if they present the absolute truth, while simultaneously attacking the mainstream for spreading lies. Even worse than this discrepancy is the amplification of the mainstream, globalist sponsored message, imbued in fear and promising the worst will come (unless, perhaps, we reduce human population to zero to prevent climate change so robots can thrive). Not many authors will focus on solutions, and this is why it is so hard to change the momentum of sliding down the slippery path to total enslavement. And then, those that do present solutions, rarely speak of inner changes that need to occur for the outer, manifested reality to lighten up and become beautiful and wonderful. Rather, they focus on specific technologies, such as cryptos, or certain ways of growing food, or changing social order, particularly leadership.

My great interest in over a decade has been manifestation: how does the physical reality we experience manifest, how does it come about? It turns out that we have way more say in what happens than we could even imagine. The reason most do not notice the correlation between thinking, emotions and manifested reality they experience is unconscious living, and thus unconscious manifesting. The controllers are well aware of this, and they provide us with all the digital content we could possibly need to manifest the reality that they would want us to manifest.

Here’s what Klaus Schwab says about manifesting:

We are here to develop The Great Narrative, a story for the future. In order to shape the future, you have first to imagine the future, you have to design the future, and then you have to execute.

Klaus Schwab

He doesn’t say “we have to…” but you… YOU have to do this. It applies to everyone, not just the attendees of WEF gatherings. But don’t worry, WEF mafia will make sure that they supply you with all the dystopian ideas they came up with, because MSM and entertainment industry first made sure there’s not much left to your imagination aside from dystopian scenarios. When was the last time you’ve seen a movie or read a book that is about truly wonderful, happy world where everyone is appreciated and sovereign, all get along just fine, resources are abundant and there’s no pyramid structure of control and no propaganda and politics? As my dad once told me, if you want something to read, but can’t find it, then write it yourself, and so I did. Check out the post titled Rebellion. Imagination is like a muscle, it needs exercise to improve its ability.

One of the most helpful books I’ve come across early on in my investigation, is channeled material published by George Green. Here is one very simple instruction from the Handbook For New Paradigm:

Simply change the focus of your thought. Do not allow yourself to dwell upon the horrors of what is planned for you, but turn your thought to what it is that you would prefer to experience.

Handbook For New Paradigm, Section IV

Couldn’t get more simple than that, could it? The mind has a tendency to visualize the verbal data it received, and then these thought-forms powered by emotions are sent to the probability field to shape the events to come. If we keep focusing on globalist agendas, we’re working for them, and helping them achieve their goal of world domination. To counter that, we need to practice mindfulness – being present to observe the thoughts, instead of being immersed in them as their assumed thinker. It does require a change of being. If we are being a victim, we will be involved in more events where we are being victimized.

Detachment and neutrality are the key, because that is the only way that we can notice what is going on in the here-now of experiencing from a higher perspective, and thus use our natural ability to redirect the attention to thoughts that are in direct opposition to the globalist agenda. Or redirect the attention away from the thoughts altogether. There are plenty other things to focus on: the beating of the heart, the drifting of the clouds, the energy circulating through the body, the feeling of the breeze, the colors of the flora and the sunset, the feelings of the heart. How about a return to our natural state, which is to be aware of being aware? So why would doomsday and enslavement scenarios be more worthy of our attention?!

It seems to me that the predicament we are in at these times is the outward manifestation of consciousness’ enslavement by the fear driven ego construct that some call mind virus and native Americans call Wetiko. Ego will choose safety over freedom anytime, so this totalitarian nightmare is what we en masse experience as our reality as a result of being afraid to take responsibility for ourselves and relegate it to external authorities, external saviors. And if we realize that the only authority is inside of us, we could never be pushed around by “authorities” of any kind.

The inability to change the momentum toward enslavement is the deception that is being pushed upon the human awareness by every means possible. It is imperative that the ground crew realizes that self-aware consciousness is not powerless when it understands how the Universal Laws operate. This is the reason that this knowledge has been deliberately withheld and hidden beneath layers of deception for the period of generations covering thousands of years.

Messages For The Ground Crew

It’s hard to believe that this material was received around two decades ago, since it is only in recent couple of years that its pertinence can be more clearly noticed by greater number of people. But does this message still apply, or are we way past the point of no return?

As if dystopian hellscape wasn’t enough, I’ve been seeing growing numbers of end days predictions popping up all over the net. The events said to bring about a catastrophe range anywhere from pole shift, asteroid hitting earth, WW3 nuclear disasters, plasma fires, solar flares, floods, moodfloods, phoenix phenomena, EMPCOE (electro-magnetic plasma cross-over event) – just to name a few. And most of these presenters seem fairly convinced that these events are going to take place, many even give exact dates. Then there are also biblical end days and other doomsday prophecies as told by many psychics throughout history, including Edgar Cayce, Alois Irlmaier, Otrok Vyacheslav and of course Nostradamus. If you dig into any of the herein linked material, try not to get sucked in – it’s just their opinion, after all, and we need not give it our attention to make it more real even as a possibility.

So are we going to get all enslaved, own nothing and be happy, while living in tiny pods, eating bugs and lab grown foods, renting everything we need while continuing slaving away for the controllers even harder, or is a natural catastrophe going to help us escape this hellish predicament we’ve been lured into?

Oh, that’s right, there’s that promised ascension to 5D. Just like many are convinced we’ll be hit by asteroid or plasma event, many are also convinced that the timelines are splitting, one going to AI driven nightmare of total technocratic, transhuman slavery system, while other timeline is going to New Earth in 5D, where all our troubles of the past will simply vanish and we’ll enter a golden age of unlimited creativity with nobody to push us around, how nice is that? Well, I’d rather visualize that, than any other scenario. In fact, I’m already living that life now in many ways!

I do not pretend to know what the future holds. So far I’ve been able to have a good life despite everything – or because of it, who knows? I’ve already been in a war (’99 NATO bombing of Serbia), have downsized possessions to a single suitcase multiple times, and went through the hyperinflation of ’93 in ex-Yugo as it was splitting up. The less I am invested in certain outcomes, the more I can welcome whatever happens, retreating into a spectator mode – it’s just endless observing, and it’s always now. The screen of awareness doesn’t give a damn what movie is playing – a comedy, a romance, a horror or a thriller.

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