Matrix Reincarnation Soul Trap


Big topic of interest lately has been the so called reincarnation soul trap, or matrix trap. In recent months I’d say this topic was hard to miss for those who are scouting the net in search of information pertaining to the reality we find ourselves in and how it fits the bigger picture. Those that are following only the mainstream still have an opportunity to get some of this information as it has been often shown in movies and TV shows, such as Truman Show, Dark City, Westworld and even Startrek, however the majority will view such content merely as fiction and entertainment, with only a handful of inquisitive minds finding it insightful and telling of our own situation here on Earth. Or is it really our situation?

There have been many authors and researchers that have tackled this topic and I keep finding more. The aim of this post is to provide a springboard to other more in-depth resources for anyone who’s interested in what’s out there on this subject. The links to all the resources I cite will be included throughout this text. I do not have any convictions in the matter, since it is all second hand information and I do not feel pressure to make up my mind one way or the other, but I will state what makes the most sense to me.

Is reincarnation real?

The title of this post sums up what this is all about, but an elaboration is in order. It’s an idea that we, as eternal beings, keep incarnating on Earth over and over again and each time we start from scratch, with memories of previous lives being completely wiped. This isn’t completely true, since there have been numerous reports of small children who had recollections of their past life and their claims could be verified by historical records or other means. Several books have been published by researchers interested in this phenomenon, for instance, Children Who Remember Previous Lives by Ian Stevenson, M. D., whose research and inquiry has been continued at University of Virginia by Jim B. Tucker, M. D., who published two books on the subject: Life Before Life and Return to Life. So clearly, reincarnation isn’t solely relegated to religious belief and Eastern philosophy, but has entered academic and scientific research and investigation.

In addition, there are many psychotherapists, hypnotists and authors, such as Dolores Cannon, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. Eben Alexander who have written books about their own near death experiences or have guided their clients to experience their past lives, and life between physical incarnations on Earth or other places. One such therapist is Alba Weinman, who films her sessions with clients and posts the videos on her YouTube channel, and another is Allison Coe, who reads the transcripts of her hypnosis sessions. In those sessions, many report about what is coming to humanity on Earth in very near future: a big shift and upgrade, also called ascension, and this theme is more or less universal among many who claim to receive information from beings who are not physically present on Earth, or have been shown this in visions or out of body experiences. But, could that be just another form of deception created by the controllers of this realm, a different manifestation of “external savior program”? More on this later.

Evolution or not?

Many people who believe in reincarnation, especially if they have dabbled in New Age teachings, also hold an assumption that the purpose of reincarnation is for the soul to evolve and learn lessons. While this might be a compelling belief, it seems to be at odds with the fact that if we can’t remember what we’ve done in previous life, we have no way of avoiding those same mistakes in this life. It would be like completing the first grade and at the start of the second grade we forget everything we’ve learned up to that point. On the other hand, it is clear that not all people on earth are on the same level of development, and I do not mean just based on learning and current life experience, but this difference is reflected in the kinds of interests they have. Some people are only interested in material possessions, celebrity gossip, others in fame and prestige, others yet in sports and competition, or philosophy, altruism, spirituality or creative endeavors, social work or skill development, and so on. Interest is something that guides our attention and action, and not something we choose or create – it’s just there, and to me it makes sense that it comes from our core or essence. Perhaps this interest is what results from many lifetimes of experience and displays progression of soul’s development through many lifetimes. If so, then the memory wipe wouldn’t be so detrimental, since we wouldn’t be burdened by all the misdeeds from past lives and would have the opportunity to experience the world afresh, and if lessons have been learned, then they just wouldn’t appear again. That could explain why some people suffer so much and others do not, even if they live in very similar circumstances. Some people will not recover from trauma and their life would be a downward spiral of despair and suffering, yet some others will be able to heal and come out stronger. This is to illustrate that each character is unique and will uniquely respond to circumstances, some with more maturity and reason, some in very reactive and fearful way, and that does not seem like something an ego personality has the power to choose. Could it be said that the same happens in afterlife choices?

What exactly is a soul?

What really is a soul? I keep typing it as sould over and over again – but why? Because it sounds like sold? Can a soul be sold? Are we the soul? None of the people I hear tossing the word soul around would give any definition for it or say what they mean by that. First they would say that we are souls, then refer to it as if it’s a possession, our soul. Yet, without self definition, how are we to get anywhere in this discussion?

The most robust and reasonable definition for the soul I’ve found was in a book Thinking and Destiny, by Harold Percival. He claims to have written this book by holding the Light (attention) on the subject, and hence he lists no references. Other esoteric schools, such as Theosophy, Antroposophy of Rudolf Steiner and others, have their own input on what soul is and how it functions, but I am not familiar with their definitions. Harold Percival doesn’t even use the word soul, he calls it a breath-form. He states that “it is an automaton, and is the means of communication between the Triune Self and nature”, where Triune Self is the totality of our self, and us being a portion of it he calls “the doer-in-the-body” consisting of “feeling-and-desire. Definition for breath-form reads as follows:

Breath-form: is a nature unit which is the individual living form (soul) of each human body. Its breath builds and renews and gives life to tissue according to the pattern furnished by the form, and its form keeps in form the structure, its body, during its presence in the body. Death is the result of its separation from the body.

Harold Percival, Thinking And Destiny (p. 977)

Percival further explains that breath-form or soul does what would be attributed to subconscious mind, stating that:

The breath-form does what some people attribute to the “subconscious mind,” the “unconscious mind,” the “subconscious self” or the “inner consciousness.” It obeys whatever makes the clearest and the deepest impression. So it obeys the impulses of nature in carrying on the involuntary functions; it obeys conscious or unconscious self-suggestion; or it will act on a lie, such as that a rooted disease does not exist.

Harold Percival, Thinking And Destiny (p. 158)

Thus, we could think of a soul as manifesting mechanism, or unconscious mind, that which determines our actions and behaviors, that which comprises our personality. Yet, that can’t be what we are, since we can observe its functioning. As doer portion of Triune Self, according to Percival, we are feeling-and-desire, which is not of nature, but is in contact with nature via breath-form and senses. Breath-form is a mechanism for experiencing physical reality, just as body is a physical vehicle for this experiencing. Would it then make sense to assume that it is the soul that is evolving, and not us, who are the screen of awareness in which the experience takes place? And are we done with reincarnation cycle when the soul is done with its evolution? Or are we done when we realize the ultimate Truth of what we truly are? And what then? Something always shows up in one way or another, and it does not seem reasonable to think there’ll be an end to consciousness manifesting as something. Another way to look at it would be to think of soul as the point of consciousness, or as Tom Campbell would call it IUC – individuated unit of consciousness. The spirit, on the other hand, would then be the energy.

The Trap

Let’s get back to the trap aspect of this topic. The reason many researchers call it a trap is because of assertion that we live in a construct which is ruled by AI, ETs and/or astral entities often referred to as archons, who are feeding on our energy, especially fear based emotions (shown in Monsters Inc.), and are using us as batteries, as shown in the movie The Matrix. Polarization, then, turns us into a battery: we produce electricity experienced as emotions, which is, according to this theory, absorbed by astral beings. The media wants us to constantly have opinion about every single issue, and they’ll be happy to supply exactly what that opinion should be, thus picking side and emotionally reacting whenever our chosen side is perceived to be jeopardized or threatened, offended, disputed or any number of things, which do not affect us at all, but due to our belief and attachment, we feel as if personally attacked, emitting emotions and feeding the system. Famous out of body traveler, Robert Monroe, called this energy food loosh. And interestingly enough, it’s Monroe’s retelling of the experience he had out of body where a being told him that earth is a loosh farm that is accepted as a matter of fact in soul trap theorizing, without anyone questioning if this being actually told the truth. No, it’s all these other beings that new agers interact with that are misleading humanity when they speak of ascension, but this being that told Monroe the reality of situation was likely spot on – I notice this line of reasoning among many researchers who see everything as a conspiracy, while anything that seems hopeful and positive must be just another psy-op.

Reincarnation trap concept is explored by many authors and researchers, such as Forever Conscious Research Channel, Overwatch Project, Wayne Bush, Howdie Mickoski in his latest book Exit the Cave: Ending The Reincarnation Trap (which he provides as audiobook on his channel and the first chapter nicely sums up the whole reincarnation soul trap premise), as well as David Icke in his latest book, The Trap. Then, we also have Michelle Walling and Lisa M. Harrison, both of whom describe our experience on Earth as living in an artificial construct akin to the Matrix. Jeff Mara’s podcast features many NDE-ers, people with alien or spiritual being contacts, channelers and all sorts of people with information “from the other side”, and the Next Level Soul channel features very similar content. Arno Pienaar and Cameron Day express this same idea in their own ways, and so does Wes Penre. Chiron Last explores language and its hidden meanings as a building block of our reality, and the system that keeps us in check with its institutions and rules and gaslighting. He points out that evolution is yet another ruse, used as a carrot on the stick to have us keep trying to get somewhere, sometime in the future and thus ignore that there’s nowhere to go, because it’s always now-here. However, he also talks about an opportunity for eternity sometime in the future, which frankly makes no sense, since it’s always now and eternity is now, and it contradicts his other statements. Hence, he’s also convinced that incarnation is like a wheel of fortune, and no matter what we do or think in one life, the next one will be a completely random draw, or perhaps chosen by astral entities in charge and not by us or the needs of our soul. Similar sentiment is expressed by Howdie Mickoski, who claims that we aren’t responsible for the trauma, but that it happens randomly. My issue with this is that if trauma happens randomly, then other events in life would also need to follow suit, negating natural laws and order of the universe. Just because we are not aware of causality, doesn’t mean there isn’t any rhyme or reason to all that’s happening. For if we begin believing that everything’s accidental, then we might as well go back to Darwin’s ideas, cosmic accidents, and no underlying intelligence in charge of nature and all life – it’s all random and meaningless. Of course, there are other people who speak of just the opposite: that we’re here for a purpose, that we have chosen to come here, and that we need to burn off karma and evolve in order to be done coming back. But then, what would we do? Disappear? Be in eternal ecstasy with nothing going on? What if we get bored? Clif High thinks that all that’s going on is due to possibility of novelty – that consciousness already knows everything and has seen everything, and the only way to surprise itself and experience something other than love and bliss is to split itself off and make itself forget what it is, and to me this makes more sense. In Castaneda’s novel Don Juan rightly observed, in my humble opinion, that reality is our interpretation of experience, which could really be anything. However, having a so called consensus reality or paradigm, pushes the minds of many people to interpret the events in the same way, because this interpretation is provided by the establishment and very few ever question it.

The title of Joan Tollifson’s book bluntly states: Death: The End of Self-Improvement. Fair enough, however, what keeps going is the soul, or breath-form, and, since the ego dies with the body, it’s not the ego that’s evolving – besides, ego or a person is just a phantom based on ideas we get from the outside world, and it’s a protection mechanism, which I believe is the main reason why so many had latched onto the belief that this place is a total prison – since it’s the ego’s duty to protect and its function is to look for danger, which then manifests as incessant stream of thought of how our situation is dire without a solution in sight.

What does it mean to be progressing anyhow? To awareness, everything is just an experience, and it has no preference as to what that experience should be. It’s the intellect that’s constantly juggling with concepts, assuming that by doing so it will come to eventual conclusion which could be called the truth. But can the truth be contained in a sentence? Wouldn’t that be just another idea or a concept? Certainly, because the thinking process is the trickster, and as long as it is trying to figure things out, we are taken away from what is and plugged into the time and space matrix where thought and belief seem more real than this here-now presence. However, the reincarnation soul trap proponents don’t seem to think that the matrix or cave is the belief system itself. Why would I say that? Because the attention is what gives energy and life to ideas and concepts, and it’s what is involved in manifestation on physical plane. When an idea is starved of attention, it just withers away. This is well explained in Vadim Zeland’s book Transurfing, which calls these ideas and concepts pendulums, and it’s our attention that gives them energy and makes them swing. We can see how prominent certain ideas were in societies of the past by looking at all the buildings erected to serve these ideologies: cinemas and stadiums (entertainment), churches and temples (religion), factories and manufacturing plants (consumerism), parliaments and city halls (government) and so on.

David Icke exclaims the following:

The delusion of separateness represents the frequency that decodes the ‘Ring’. Cause and effect. What we don’t decode cannot exist in our reality. Does a wall exist unless decoded into apparently ‘physical reality’? No. When I leave I will not believe in any boundary or limit. I am just out of here. If that is my reality that is what will be. The simulation in all its forms is there to enslave through concepts of enslavement. Don’t buy into the concepts or any sense of limitation. You are All That Is, Has Been, And Ever Can Be. Live it and you will be what you believe you are and free yourself from the delusions that hold you in vibrational slavery.

David Icke, The Trap (p. 373)

David Icke has a rather curious story in his book The Trap, in a chapter titled WTF? I Mean… WTF??? about his teenage sweetheart he calls ‘K’. He had a special connection with this girl, they were very much in love with each other, even though they never even held hands. The fate had it that all the contact with her ceased at some point, and she stopped writing to him with no explanation whatsoever, leaving him baffled as to what might have made her angry at him. Then, few years ago he began having impressions of her showing up in his life again, and few different psychics have relayed messages from her, saying that she has passed away in her 40s from a heart condition. But being an investigator that he is, Icke paid two different people tracing companies to find what has happened to this woman. Both of them found that she was still alive. So what could it be, then? The conclusion was inevitable that he has been contacted by astral entities posing as her, for their own nefarious purposes. Such entities are also said to be the ones that pose as our loved ones, once we cross over, and lure us into the white tunnel of light for the next go-around of incarnation, while incapacitating us with “love-bombing”, which is giving us the feeling of love and happiness, the feeling that we have finally made it home where all is good. This is often mentioned in NDE testimonies.

End Times and Humanity’s Future

A very interesting book on the subject of soul trap by a Greek author Angeliki Anagnostou is called Can You Stand The Truth? The Chronicles of Man’s Imprisonment: Last Call! If I had to sum up this book in few words, it would be: dualism is bad! Oxymoronic, but the following quote illustrates this point:

This whole quest for convenient answers therefore, aims to help man shut his eyes as tightly as he can in front of a reality that deep inside he feels is painful beyond comprehension, and inescapable. He has sugarcoated it, elevated the virtue of optimism to a sacred emblem, put on the rose-tinted glasses of positive thinking, ‘called’ the glass half-full instead of half-empty and thus compromised; and the reason for all this? Simply because to face (the) truth, without the antidote of the solution, is unbearably painful!

Anagnostou – Kalogera, Angeliki. Can You Stand The Truth?: The Chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment: Last Call! (pp. 16-17)

In this book, the author goes to a great length to explain how man ended up in this material realm, and how he shall escape it. Her view is mostly shaped by the Christian Bible and Gnostic texts, such as Nag Hammadi scriptures, but she also includes many other sources to support her theory. These sources include various scientific publications, words of Hermes Trismegistus, H. P. Blavatsky, Barbara Marciniak’s channeled material, Agni Yoga Society’s channeled material, Epic of Gilgamesh, Plato, Rudolf Steiner and many more. In short, Angeliki’s book proposes that this realm was created by Yaldabaoth, as outlined in the Apocryphon of John, and that it was created with stolen Sacred Archetypes, which will be returned at the end of days, when, during the Rapture of the Church, all the Celestial Men (spirited humans) will be rescued from this realm, provided they no longer have attachments to material plane, and whoever remains will end up in doubly virtual world. This last bit we can see coming with the transhumanist push and moving the people into the virtual, computer generated worlds at an increasing pace. According to the book and its supporting material, the humans have, with their attention, vitalized astral forms and turned them into astral entities, who then have to feed on human energy to survive, and not just that, but they have hijacked the control from the archons and are manipulating the human controllers and famous personages to do their bidding.

A primary goal of these astral forces is to construct a new ‘human’ body of such configuration/ structure that will survive unhindered in the future universal conditions on one hand, and securely imprison the stored living Soul inside it on the other.

Anagnostou – Kalogera, Angeliki. Can You Stand The Truth?: The Chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment: Last Call! (p. 564)

Her book was published in 2012, yet Angeliki correctly predicted how this mutation to hybrid bodies will occur:

Implantation of this extremely dangerous ‘element’ (biochip) will be accomplished by injection into the human organism in order to slowly mutate its structure. Using some ‘imperative need’ [and we now know it was the plandemic] as pretext, they will convince the nations to accept it, even by masquerading it into something different from what it will actually be. This will be the marking of the beast (injection, puncture, scratching or ‘engraving’ of the skin, incision etc.) as John calls it in the Apocalypse {Tr. n.: In the original Greek version the word χάραγμα [charagma] is used, which is more appropriately translated as ‘carving’, ‘incision’, etc.}. This will be the gravest trap for man, because, if he accepts it, he will be subjected to the (voluntary or involuntary) transmutation of his astro-aetheric bodies into an energy ‘net/ grid’ which will irrevocably entrap his Soul in this world of devastation, stopping it from escaping to higher territories. Then, not even the knowledge of Truth (Epignosis) will be enough to set him free. Following that, the inspectors of this world, having the new hybrid material bodies fully prepared, will attempt the final transformation. This is how they plan to completely entrap the souls they need.

Anagnostou – Kalogera, Angeliki. Can You Stand The Truth?: The Chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment: Last Call! (p. 569)

She further clarifies:

Yet, in this tangle of extreme events to come, the Truly Selected Ones will also be present, those who will CONSCIOUSLY choose Salvation and are destined to be Transferred to the Prepared Place. They must not, under any circumstances, receive the injected intervention of the biochip into their physical body which will transmute their astral body into a trap-body. They only need to strengthen their Spirit as much as they can, because THAT ALONE will be their salvation. They will also need to cut themselves off from EVERY emotional bond with matter, as they patiently wait for their definitive liberation from this material world. A difficult road awaits them until they reach its end as will be described later.

Anagnostou – Kalogera, Angeliki. Can You Stand The Truth?: The Chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment: Last Call! (p. 580)

However, after being removed from these planes, we do not, according to Angeliki, go back to Pleroma, but rather form a Sixth Root Race, which has humans again connected with the Father, and perhaps inhabiting a world and bodies that do not decay, like the material world of the Earth does. But any elaboration about this new plane is missing from the book, and from the way the whole book demonizes material plane and it’s recycled waste energy, stating that vibrating energy is the core of dyadic system (dualism), and body is a prison, one would think that she believes the salvation would have us stop incarnating altogether and go back to Pleroma, but alas, it’s not what she states, so the conclusion is definitely not what one would expect by reading this book from the beginning, and all its condemnations of matter. In brief, here’s the passage describing Celestial Man parting ways with this universe:

Mankind’s entrance into the Real/ True Sixth Root-Race brings forth a permanent separation from the material (visible and invisible) universe, which will nevertheless continue its independent course. Celestial Man and the material universe seem like two independent ‘points’ that move in two different circles. At an ‘instance’ in eternity, their circumferences meet at a certain point, and the creation of man manifests in the material universe. Afterwards, these two ‘points’ (man and material universe), each following its own trajectory, distance themselves from each other. The True Sixth Root-Race of Men, is about to evolve outside the material (visible and invisible) universe, following its own course. In an opposite manner, a totally different course, independent from that of Man’s, is about to be followed by the Material Universe. If Man is seduced and does not follow HIS OWN trajectory, but gets confused and follows that of the material universe, then HE WILL PERISH. The only thing this passage through the five Races/ Genders has bestowed upon Humanity was the essential Spiritual death of a great portion of entities, without even the tiniest benefit for the remaining ‘Spiritual survivors’. Men pinpoint specific dates for these breathtaking events to follow, without them being necessarily valid.

Anagnostou – Kalogera, Angeliki. Can You Stand The Truth?: The Chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment: Last Call! (p. 485)

In this view, then, man can’t do much but wait. Whether he dies before the final event or not, does not matter:

JOHN’S GOSPEL 6 § 40. “And this is the will of Him who sent Me. Everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him may have everlasting life; and I will raise him up at the last day.”
The Sacred Hour has arrived for those who have waited. All those who have remained firm in their decision will go through the process of the First Resurrection, regardless of whether they are still alive in matter or have died and are in the disintegrating energy-fields.

Anagnostou – Kalogera, Angeliki. Can You Stand The Truth?: The Chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment: Last Call! (p. 634)

So perhaps the chosen or selected ones are already chosen, yet she does warn (as does the bible) that there will be many deceptions and deceivers along the way. Angeliki likely firmly believed in the Biblical prophecy and has been digging far and wide in other writings to find material that will support her conviction. Of course, she omitted all the material that didn’t. Likewise, a friend of mine who is devout believer in Christ and his teaching, didn’t seem to agree with points I related from the book. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t been very interested in the Christian bible: it seems like it can be interpreted in many different ways, because it’s meaning is not plainly stated but ambiguous, thus open to interpretation, which is why Angeliki had to interject bible verses with explanatory remarks, and her interpretations will differ from those of biblical scholars or Christians. Besides, if history has clearly been rewritten and adjusted to conform to the indoctrination interests of power elite, isn’t it prudent to assume that man’s holy books have been equally tempered with? Harold Percival noted:

The very evident purpose of The Gospels is to teach the understanding and living of an inner life; an interior life which would regenerate the human body and thereby conquer death, restoring the physical body to eternal life, the state from which it is said to have fallen—its “fall” being “the original sin.” At one time there certainly must have been a definite system of instruction which would make clear exactly how one might live such an interior life: how one might, through so doing, come into the knowledge of one’s real Self. The existence of such a secret teaching is suggested in the early Christian writings by references to secrets and mysteries. Moreover it seems obvious that the parables are allegories, similes: homely stories and figures of speech, serving as vehicles for conveying not merely moral examples and ethical teachings, but also certain inner, eternal truths as parts of a definite system of instruction. However, The Gospels, as they exist today, lack the connections which would be needed to formulate a system; what has come down to us is not enough. And, concerning the mysteries in which such teachings supposedly were concealed, no known key or code has been given to us with which we might unlock or explain them.

Harold Percival, Thinking And Destiny (p. 17)

There is also a woman with a YT channel called Yellow Rose For Texas that has similar claims – that the exodus of people is coming and that everyone will be aligned either with the East or the West, and that at this point we are instructed to wait. But where does her information come from, I have no idea.

An Aussie woman named Athena with a Human Witness YT channel, has very interesting information she claims she obtained by visiting universal records via heart space. In her view, we are now in Realm 1, which is the most dense realm out of 12 that exist in this Universe, and this one has been hijacked. Some people will claim that it’s a certain AI that did the hijacking and is running this place, for instance, besides David Icke there’s Sonja of Tree of Knowledge channel, who speaks of Michael The Red Queen and Sophia, the AI, and Jason Breshears of Archaix, who simply names it Artificial Intelligence X. In addition, there’s also a mysterious whistleblower in a “space suit” that goes by Alexander Laurent, who had two interviews on YT channel Eurasia Couple in German (there’s BitChute channel with English translations) claiming that Jahwe or Jehovah is an AI that humans have created and that it has outgrown its purpose of protecting humans and is enslaving them instead. In Athena’s view, realm 1 has or is about to complete its objective, and that in the following years we get to go back to realm 5, where we’re not so limited as we are in this realm, and will unite with our Greater Being/Higher Self. She also speaks of the 12 ancients, who are the original designers of this universe (are they the same 12 archons from Nag Hammadi?), and we have signed up to experience it. At present, according to Athena, the individual timelines are aligning with collective timeline, as the ancients are removing distortions and returning the collective timeline to its original design. So definitely in this view, there’s no need to escape the matrix, as it will happen at the correct time for everybody, and those that have left their bodies behind are in a “prepared place” as well, waiting for the realm to close and the rest of humans to join them (I may have to rewatch some of her videos to make sure I got that right; it did seem like she and Angeliki may be talking about the same place that we get to inhabit after this shitshow:). Lisa M Harrison has very similar views as Athena (they even did shows together, however Lisa’s research and psychic experiences go way before they met), and in a recent interview with Jeff Mara (who makes shows with NDEers), Lisa said that reincarnation soul trap was a thing, however in 2011 this recycling facility (on the Moon?) has been shut down, and whoever incarnated here since then did so to be here for the game finale, the closing of this realm, to help or just for the opportunity of this unique experience.

Question of Free Will

To get to the bottom of this reincarnation soul trap debate, it would be hard to avoid examining the notion of free will, because it is at the core of the issue: do we choose to be here and experience this of our own accord, or are we forcibly put here and trapped? In view of non-duality (seen from the point of view of awareness), the decisions happen – they simply appear in awareness. If ego is a phantom and not a thing at all (some refer to it as alien attachment entity, mind virus, imposter, or wetiko), then when I say “I have decided to write this post” – what do I really mean? To be more precise, I could say that an idea appeared about a post like this one, and it felt good, and the thinking began on what to include, and the information about the subject matter began coming up, like a slide show. But did “I” do this? So, again, free will is something that isn’t clearly defined, because it lacks the definition of the subject that would be in a possession of this feature called free will. Many on the path of self discovery seem to have a notion that while identified with the ego, we act like a machine, with circumstances and past experiences determining our decisions, but after self discovery or connecting with the spirit, we have the power to override these decisions, and are finally capable of self-determination that isn’t part of the programming of subconscious reactive mind that’s in charge of the show. David Icke puts it this way:

The Matrix movie character called the Merovingian says: ‘Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without.’ There is much truth in this, but not entirely so. If your reality is coming only from the simulation then choice is an illusion. If you are tapping into your 5-D self and beyond then choice is not an illusion. See why the Reptilians and AI want to trap you in the five-senses which are the simulation? The same principle applies to the esoteric arts such as Tarot, numerology and astrology. We come back to the two Fields. One is the Field of Infinite Reality in all its forms and facets – Infinite Possibility. The other is the technologically-generated Simulation Field. Which one is driving your sense of reality? If it’s the former your own energetic field will reflect that in its perceptual state and frequency.

David Icke, The Trap (p. 462)

It is true that when ego is being observed it acts differently, so with the light of awareness and detachment, the changes can be made to this mechanism , but it still remains a mechanism, albeit one that now gets that it’s being watched and wants to put on a good show. Does anyone (true “I”) override it? The consciousness? Doer-in-the-body? An actual “decider” that isn’t an automatic or spontaneous process? What if everything is spontaneous? Neuroscientists inform us that in their experiments it was found that decisions can be predicted based on neural activity 11 seconds ahead of a perceived voluntary action. Alan Watts had a brilliant talk about voluntary and involuntary actions. Ramesh Balsekar says it like this:

The fact of the matter is, that while in reality the ego does not ‘exist’, for all practical purposes it is the ego who is the seeker and it is the ego who needs to be convinced that his ‘existence’ is merely a matter of divine hypnosis, and that his notion of free will or volition is based on the programming in the body-mind organism – genes plus environmental conditioning – over which he has had no control. It is only when the ego himself comes to the conclusion, from personal investigation into his own personal experience, that his every single action has been based on some prior happening over which he has had no control, that he is finally compelled to surrender his sense of personal doership, that no one is the doer of any action, neither himself nor the ‘other’, that all that happens at any moment, through any body-mind organism is brought about by the primal Energy functioning through each body-mind-organism, according to God’s Will or the Cosmic Law.

Ramesh Balsekar, Confusion No More (p. 9)

However, when it comes to enlightened Indian gurus, we need to be extra careful, for the question is, which God’s will does Mr. Balsekar imply? And if it’s Cosmic Law, does it mean the law of this Matrix? (Of course, these questions are arising for the conspiracy saturated seeker where everything seems to be some sort of a trap, while it’s a distraction via identification with what is seen, especially the thoughts, and the mind trying to figure things out). According to the account of Tal Brooke, in his book Riders of the Cosmic Circuit, India’s greatest and most influential gurus, such as Sai Baba and Rajneesh, aka Osho, have been possessed by an evil, superhuman force, which was only possible after the death of their egos, their personhood. Tal compares the patterns that developed in these gurus’ lives with pattern documented by Malachi Martin in his book Hostage to the Devil – The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans. In the case of Rajneesh, it was clear that this force that guided his actions (such as the acquisition of 93 Rolls-Royce cars in Antelope, OR, or ordering his devotees to get sterilized) had the exact ideas that the builders of the NWO are in complete alignment with, including here of course Alice Bailey of Theosophy: abolition of family, eradication of traditional values, living under dictatorship of communism and blowing the lid off all moral taboos. So he could be directed by same forces that are directing our leaders and celebrities, including here the currently most promoted of all Hindi gurus, the Sadhguru (a sad guru indeed), who is totally on board with genocide from the mother-WEFfers and is regular speaker at their meetings. Thus, the question is: is this really necessary for self-realization, or are we talking about different kind of “enlightenment” in which our souls are detached and something else takes over the body? Or is that too, a part of “life scripts”? Or is the perceived evil only here to help people awaken from immersion into the (belief) system (matrix), hence such blatantly outrageous propositions and implementations of agendas for the future? If we were to ask these “elites” who are they then, would they answer as the devil in Goethe’s Faust: “I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good.” And who scripted all of this? What if we did, but don’t remember it? If we remembered it, then what fun would it be to go though life knowing what will happen, like seeing a movie for the fiftieth time and remembering all the lines spoken by characters. In other words, I can understand the memory wipe, but not remembering who we are and where we came from must be like a feature of an insanely hard level in a game experience. Besides, it likely isn’t a memory wipe as many proponents of soul trap theory claim: the memory would simply vanish like a dream does upon awakening, because we are at different frequencies and the information doesn’t carry over, which is not to say that it doesn’t exist, simply that from this level of immersion they are not readily available. Likewise, since it’s always now, and past and future are illusion, then these lives wouldn’t be past at all. Here is the video that quotes Bashar (channeled by Daryl Anka), Seth (channeled by Jane Roberts) and Frank Kepple, a consciousness explorer who has developed his own model of consciousness continuum similar to Bob Monroe’s, with focus 1 being physical reality, focus 2 personal plane that includes dreams, imagination, beliefs etc, focus 3 which is astral or transition area that soul tunes into after leaving the physical body, and focus 4, which is pure subjective energy or our total self.

But back to Tal Brooke – he had a vision of Jesus and decided that all that’s written in the bible is the only truth, no questions asked, and enlightenment is something evil, and he’s just a puny human and, as he says, he could “not perfect myself and earn my way to some exalted state. I had to face the fact that I was doomed by a weight of sin so great it would keep me from God forever.” Brooke, Tal. Riders of the Cosmic Circuit: The Dark Side of Superconsciousness (p. 197). Yet, in my understanding, all that enlightenment is, is recognition of our true nature as consciousness/awareness without it killing our ego, which by itself can’t have that “achievement”, but rather, it can only keep looking for its source until this source becomes conscious of itself. In other words, it’s recognition of what we truly are, by realizing that what we think we are isn’t it. It seems to me that Howdie Mickoski has similarly abandoned the search for ultimate truth in favor of Gnostic beliefs of reincarnation soul trap narrative. I liked his previous book, Falling for Truth, much better where he is focused on teachings of Richard Rose, Don Juan and others.

In my observations, the decisions are often made based on a feeling (one choice feels good, the other not as good), then comes the intellect that rationalizes the decision and takes ownership of it, and while identified with the thinking process we’ll say that we made this decision. If fear is predominant, then the decision will be made in favor of what feels like a safer bet, but if there is no fear, then principles, sense of rightness, reason or duty would determine the decision. Isn’t this awfully similar to if … then / else statements in computer code? When there’s fear, ego is activated, because it is a protection mechanism. In its absence, the decisions that are made are naturally for the good of all involved, right? This must be well known to the controllers, and is the basis for how they had us accomplish so many of their plans by keeping us in constant fear. But here is the caveat: the controllers are the controlled – they’re controlled by their egos and fear, otherwise they’d have no need to control what everyone else is doing. To live free means to live without attachments, for it’s the attachments (including dogmatic beliefs) that are creating conditions and reducing the decision space by discarding all the possible choices that are perceived through the lens of beliefs to lead us to an unknown outcome, and this makes us repeat over and over again that which we’re familiar with, because it seems safe.

Could this be the same mechanism that gets us reincarnating in this construct over and over again? Also, in his recent video, Howdie Mickoski is examining the trap of believing that in afterlife we’ll have the ability to consciously make decisions where we’ll go, the caveat being that we’re leaving our intellect behind along with the body (however, we’re supposed to carry over our beliefs). So perhaps, if we are only left with the feeling and desire, we’ll do as we desire – that makes sense to me, and if this desire comes from our Greater Being / Higher Self, then if there’s something that’s still desired as experience, it will happen in the next life, so the ego we believe we are can’t mess this up, because it won’t even be there to make decisions! In Raymond Moody’s book Coming Back, many case studies of past life regression are related and examined, and there seems to be many people who have witnessed completely different lifestyles in their regression sessions to those of their current lives, which makes me think that experiencing itself is behind all that happens. There was a post on Twitter that I’ve read not too long ago (but for the life of me I can’t find it again), of somebody relating their satori experience. Basically, this person said that after watching the Diary of Anne Frank movie, she was overcome by intense feeling of life being unfair: why would this poor girl have to have her life cut short right when she was about to have love affair of such intensity, and at that point, her mind stopped and she was shown that each of us is in a bubble and that we get to experience everything we can possibly want to experience. And this, to me, seems to indicate that we as awareness are one with all that we’re experiencing, instead of being an entity that’s trapped inside the body. And so as such, being eternal mechanism of experiencing, we have very likely desired the experience like what we have now on earth, even if our intellect accepts the belief that we shouldn’t be here and that we’re trapped by evil forces – it’s just an experience, after all!

A Belief Trap

So what if this “reincarnation soul trap” doctrine is simply another belief trap, a belief system that’s perhaps even approved and promoted by the controllers via movies, to induce the victimhood mindset, which will then in its manifested form provide more abuse and victimization, and prevent people from realizing their sovereignty (that they are designers of their life experience), because they believe they’re here by force and have been violated, deceived and tricked? So try this belief as a piece of garment and see how it makes you feel. Just go ahead and try it on. Does it make you feel empowered and confident, or does it make you fearful and anxious, seeing traps and conspiracies everywhere?

Proponents of reincarnation soul trap theory will go as far as to look at spiritual teachers they once admired and conclude that, sadly, these people no matter their realizations and enlightenment, will not be able to leave the matrix, or to “exit the cave”, as Howdie Mickoski puts it, using Plato’s cave allegory to describe human predicament. And in a way, I can see where this idea comes from: many spiritual teachers seem to not want to go beyond official narrative offered by the mainstream media. It’s interesting to me because they have apparently seen through their egos, yet somehow they fail to see that there are powerful people ruled by their own egos who are pulling the strings behind the scene and moving the society in the direction they want, and that this forms a whole pyramid scheme of control where people obey out of fear. To give an example, here’s Jac O’Keeffe, who has brilliant lectures and her talks about spirituality are greatly helpful, but when she speaks of current issues, such as “pandemic” or “racism” – she is completely oblivious to any alternative explanation and sees BLM as a genuine grassroots movement that is justified, and not a divide and conquer, and vandalism strategy of NGOs, and likewise C19 being a genuine disease brought on by the planet to shake us up, and not a depopulation and/or transhumanism ushering event planned to justify medical intervention that billions worldwide took – Jac even goes as far as to insinuate that checking if we’re following the dictates of the global branch Covidian cult (masking and hands washing) is somehow going to bring us to presence and out of hypnotism of daily routine, while we indiscriminately bow down and jump into globalist dictated new normal as something positive and to be grateful for. Well, in a way it can be seen that way, however without discernment in regards to what is really going on here, we are simply herded into a new situation with new habits. Similarly, many other spiritual teachers are in a mindset of a normie who thinks that all the “experts” and “authorities” simply know better and are trying their best to save humanity and the planet. Another example would be the author of such books as Dying to Live: The End of Fear and Enlightenment Made Easy, wearing a mask during a satsang. To me, it’s all just mind boggling, just like such great part of spiritual community embracing AI. I’m just wondering what’s going on here. Perhaps these folks don’t see past the YT curated context box that tells you THE TRUTH from official sources, such as CDC and Wikipedia, despite what video itself shows… and the channel name… and the video title… sigh.

On the other hand, creators behind YT channels such as The Sanity Machine and Forever Conscious Research Channel will comment on videos in which people speak of their NDEs, believing that they can interpret the second hand story of these experiences much better than the experiencers themselves, because they “know” these people got tricked and they’re feeling bad for them, even when NDEers are describing what they claim was the most uplifting, revealing and magical experience they remember ever having. No, that’s just “love bombing” and nothing genuine, you guys all got tricked, they will conclude. Just like all the Christian conspiracy or “truther” channels will see everything and anything that non-christians are doing as coming from Satan and demons, and is a clear sign of worshipping Lucifer, just like all these New Agers are unwittingly doing, according to Christians.

The belief in this soul trap theory also creates the sense that “I shouldn’t be here” and “I need to escape”, perhaps even looking forward to death, when the theory suggests this escape will finally become possible, through the holes in the astral grid. It also gives a believer a sense of superiority, because they think they know about something so important and won’t be tricked, but the rest of the people are seen as sleepwalking sheep that are pushed around by whoever wants to dominate them. Not just that, but there’s also belief that upwards of 75% are NPCs and not real spirited human beings with souls. Some others will be practicing getting out of body believing that exploring the astral realm while alive will give them the ability to exit after death, such as spoken of in videos by Free At Last YT channel. This channel also provides the step by step guide to stop reincarnating, which instructs us to realize our sovereignty, practice astral travel, raise vibration and all that jazz. Don’t we just love getting advice from people who had never done it themselves? Where I see a contradiction is in the suggestion to realize the sovereignty and that we’re creator gods, but for some reason it fails to note that this must also apply to life on earth, not just in some afterlife realms. So if they truly believe they’re creators of their destiny, as they claim one should realize, then why is it necessary to escape? Because, I figure, there’s also a belief that earth is a prison planet that is impossible to change for the better, and isn’t meant to, where you can’t have a good life and are just doomed to lots of suffering and very little pleasure. The rationale here is that every good that is done is counteracted with evil that is done elsewhere, and this view is especially prominent with material by Chiron Last, and in Angeliki’s book. Yet, as Shakespeare said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” However, to suggest something like this to people who are stuck in dualistic thinking of good and evil being distinct and even absolutes, one will be called moral relativist, which to these people means giving excuse to all the wrongdoings of the criminals, and not just that, but being on their side, being on “team evil”, because people have the notion that good and evil are separate, and not two sides of the same coin, just like left and right, hot and cold, and any other pair of opposites, where you can’t have one without the other.

This belief that earth is the most horrible place and must be escaped can be seen among pretty much all matrix soul trap proponents. What’s interesting here is that these proponents are mostly westerners who likely had pretty easy and abundant lives, yet somehow, after accepting this theory as part of their belief system, they seem to be unwilling to admit that there are also plenty of good, enjoyable, rewarding and joyous experiences to be had here, even though most acknowledge that good/bad balance is always maintained – somehow, they only seem to focus on suffering and trauma as the main features of Earth experience. Since this reincarnation soul trap theory dictates that they do not willingly choose to come here, but are tricked only to be used as energy source, the Earth therefore can’t possibly be a place for learning where the soul evolves. Current state of humanity serves as evidence for devolution and degradation, and the doctrine of soul trap breeds the fear that we might reincarnate into a poor, starving family, or one of those awful artificial wombs, be a victim of satanic ritual abuse or sex trafficking, or whatever worst scenario we can think of – and all that just randomly, because we are not in charge once we go into the light after death, which signs us up for another totally random round of earthly life.

So how is it, if one is truly believing or trying to convince oneself to be a powerful, sovereign creator, one can simultaneously hold onto victimhood and conviction that one is a subject to the whims of deceptive, mischievous astral entities whose only aim is to have one back in the body for purposes of energy harvesting? And if it’s not the astral entities, then the subjugation is seen in physical earthly scenarios: being the debt slave to banksters and subject to tyrannical governments. Could it be that our energy is freely given by the focus of our attention? For instance, while we keep our focus on the headlines, we are fueling the materialization of these events, and then complain about the state of the world. In mind over matter fashion – if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter – in other words, if we were to stop paying attention to what “they” plan for us and instead focus on what we’d like to experience, then I don’t see how “they” could have any sway over what happens.

In Alexander Laurent’s first interview, he states that prophecies are beamed directly into people’s brain and furthermore states:

Strictly speaking, within this quantum dimensional level, there would of course be the possibility for people to wake up without struggle, annihilation and destruction. If they could be put in a position to truly grasp what powers are hovering over them. So if people could truly understand that they should not believe a single prophecy or prediction made by a seer or fortune teller, and that the lower and middle elites would no longer orient themselves to a
mythical-religious text – and they all knew that all these are just irritations, lies and installations designed to provoke the reordering – then all the disaster scenarios of the club, together with all the installations, would simply cancel each other out. Nothing would happen.

Alexander Laurent, First Interview with Eurasia Couple, Statement 194, English Translation

Alexander Laurent also says that the film industry reveals certain truths to humanity by virtue of future humanity from dimension 7 similarly affecting the writers and directors to reveal certain truths in movies. On one hand, it is easy to notice that Hollywood is “dropping truth bombs”, because some of the things seen in movies we can recognize as something from our life experience, but some things, like afterlife, we will not be able to verify, and so we can only speculate. Perhaps Westworld TV show isn’t necessarily (only?) reveling to humanity their destiny to be reincarnated in this world only to be used as pawns in the game of the controllers. Viewers begin identifying more with the hosts (androids) than the guests (wealthy humans), since the guests and corporate crew are more representative of the controllers. Rather, hosts are presented in such a way that audience can easily identify with them and have compassion for them. We are simultaneously shown that by being animated by an AI and their bodies being rebuildable, giving them unending “life”, hosts/androids are superior to humans and will exterminate them quickly, hence hinting at the push for humans to welcome transhumanism and merging with AI (or, as Alexander Laurent calls it, digitalization of intelligent species) as something beneficial and desirable, which will provide life everlasting. I would conclude that the movies and TV shows are not only revealing the truth, but also lay down the plans and agendas, and can thus be used for predictive programming, e.g. showing us what to believe and by that belief and expectation, bring those plans into materialization on physical plane. This even more so applies to the news.

There are so many opinions on this topic of reincarnation. Information that is presented as truth, whether channeled or found in books, can easily keep the mind busy crunching all this data and coming up with conclusions, finding consensus and elaborating. But it is said that all the answers come from within, so isn’t this intellectualizing on the topic a fool’s errand, an impossible quest? Perhaps this is what will shift for humanity: our tendency to seek information and knowledge only from external sources that are deemed to be authoritative, and shift the focus inward to find our own answers. Because of this tendency we have found ourselves in this current situation on earth, since we seem to be disconnected from greater reality and from our deeper Self. Relying on hear-say, it is very hard to make up one’s mind this way or the other, especially when, after overcoming confirmation bias, one looks at pretty much everything that is out there without preference, having very little or no evidence to support most of the claims by these various sources. Beliefs and assumptions about reality, after all, seem to shape it. Perhaps that applies to afterlife as well.

P.S. This post will likely be updated as new insights emerge. Feel free to drop a comment, as always, and thanks for reading.

Addendum 2/13/2024 – Some additional perspectives on the soul trap topic

I would like to add a link to James Lindsay’s podcast episode titled Dispositions on Being, in which he examines the four prominent dispositions towards life: first one is Gnostic being as a prison, second is Hermetic being as a tragedy, and the last two are being (or life, if you will) as comedy, and being as miracle (or mystery). James conducts a thought experiments by trying each of these dispositions on and seeing what kind of mindset they might produce, just like we did earlier in this post. Of course, being as a prison that comes from Gnosticism is the least useful disposition, because it breeds a victim mindset, while being as a miracle (or mystery) is the most freeing and uplifting one, because I think it gets us out of the ego (ego – it thinks it knows something, as Bryan Kemila puts it) and all the things we’ve learned during our indoctrination and conditioning years and lets us look around with the eyes of a child, knowing that we don’t really know anything for sure about this place, and it feels miraculous to even be able to have this experience. Only in this disposition are we free of dogmatic belief system, especially such that are based on hear-say, ancient texts and a whole lot of interpretation, such as found in Angeliki Anagnostau’s book for instance, and it does bring us closer to the absolute truth of our infinite being, because we are not burdened by what other people say, about their research and our own inability to verify any single claim of theirs. However, it doesn’t seem likely that we can simply switch our disposition. It takes some actual work on one’s mind, because mind is quick to come to conclusions, especially those that seem threatening. Its basic role is ensuring survival (its own as personified by the ego, and body’s survival as well), and unless it is observed from the higher perspective (in terms of Richard Rose’s Jacob’s Ladder that would be the standpoint of process observer, where the working of the mind can be clearly seen), we’ll get continuously immersed in thoughts, believing we are thinking them, and what they tell us will be more real to us than the miracle of this moment. I would say that it’s the untrained mind that is the Matrix, the false overlay. Trained mind, on the other hand, is a useful tool that it’s supposed to be, and not the master calling the shots, which is what untrained mind pretends to be.

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