Freeform Crochet - Hooded Poncho

This is one of the most recent projects, completed by the end of February 2020. On display are some work in progress photos showing the process. This was a lot of fun to do owing to the spontaneous nature of creating motifs and then fitting them all together and pinning them onto a pattern cut out of paper bags. The bottom is just plain knit, and the beaded lace trim is done after a tutorial by Elena Rugal.

Irish Lace - Girl's Dress

And this is first attempt at Irish Lace crochet. I’ve learned to crochet as little girl from my mother and grandmother and have been doing crochet after patterns from magazines for a while. Only in the last two projects, the freeform featured above, and this one, have I actually went ahead and made my own motifs. Some of the flowers and leaves are again seen from Elena Rugal, and even though she has English versions of her tutorials, I was more comfortable listening to original Russian version. The reason is that I’ve learned to knit and crochet in Serbian, knowing Serbian terms which are pretty similar to Russian.

Various crafting projects

Cat House for House Cat

This project was finished in late fall of 2019. Our cat, K. T. received a house to crash in. Padded with various faux fur bits and foam backed headliner fabric, this cardboard Bavarian style villa houses also Barbie parties from time to time. Building it was a lot of fun, and quite a learning experience. Next time, I won’t skip adding some proper paper clay to even out the surfaces, give them more strength, texture and more refined shape – it’s just that it can get tedious and take too long. While doing the wiring and gluing the interior padding, I developed an appreciation for the skills of the mechanics who have to work inside already built shell of a car and fiddle with assembling and disassembling of various car parts – that takes some weird poses, long tools and even a mirror to see what the heck is going on inside in hard to reach areas.