All kinds of inventions

for your mind and soul

Smoco & Smocca

e-CIG juice for vaping pen,
combining all your favorite

The idea came about when people massively began switching to vaporizing their nicotine instead of smoking cigarettes. Of course, there were already THC vaporizing pen cartridges, so why not add coffee and chocolate too, and do away with all these lovely plants as source of pleasure or desired mental states, and switch to something made in a lab with questionable contents?! Not unlike what has been done with medicine in general…

Crystal Clear

Brain Wash & Deconditioner

The label says it all: with these two products you can return to complete clarity of mind, stand in your own light and sovereignty, and gain ultimate protection against adoption of life defeating belief systems so prevalent in MSM today.

This, however, is an energy tool. It’s created with the intent to work as above described, but to use it, you must imagine and feel its action as you are relaxing into a meditative state. The intention is what makes things happen, so when you use these imaginary tools / elixirs, set the intention to accomplish the results they are made for.


Figure of speech translator. Translates all kinds of figures of speech (metaphors, allegories, analogies, hyperboles, irony, ellipsis) into plain English.

As evident, this is quite ancient in terms of technology. Today, Duende would be an app you download for free. These two ads were created as a school project in video/animation classes I had back in college. Surely, ads will convince us we really want something we absolutely do not need, and the various products are in many cases ready to suck the fun out of life, hence the idea of Smoco. Well, Duende is aimed to suck the fun out of depending on our own wits in the world of literature, at the same time reducing the literary genius of many authors to lifeless statements that will probably after this translation make no sense compared to original.